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If you're in the area, my shop is at:

Bear Market Studio
247 Market St.
Lockport, NY 14094


PH. 716-930-3240

- Arthur Hilger


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05/02/2018andy marrie
We can help your website to get on first page of Google and increase the number of leads and sales you are getting from your website. Please email us back for full proposal.

Best Regards
Hi I was wondering if you would be able to do a Gargoyle about 3 feet high and what would be a price for that? Thanks Tracy
Hi do you come out to homes and make a design. I'm looking possibly a bear to be carved from a tree in our yard.
03/09/2017Pete wise
Looking for someone to do chainsaw art in tonawanda ny
11/07/2017Jim sniadecki
Art I got your name and contact information from the chainsaw chick last weekend in Sanborn we have a daughter who loves Bigfoot could you duplicate a Bigfoot sculpture like you do with the Bears
11/07/2017Jim sniadecki
Art I got your name and contact information from the chainsaw chick last weekend in Sanborn we have a daughter who loves Bigfoot could you duplicate a Bigfoot sculpture like you do with the Bears
04/07/2017Taylor Hackford
Hello, I am wondering if you carve chairs ? I am looking to have Viking throne chairs carved for my wedding in September of 2018

Thank you
24/06/2017Tommy Andrews
Just curious on a rough idea on cost of a that you carving of one of my friends dogs. Or even a facial only head carving?
Good morning,

I am writing for info on having a carving made for my parents anniversary the end of July. Please let me know if this is possible.

Thank you!
21/02/2017Wendy Williams
Hi, a maple tree was cut down this morning in front of my home. On City property. I was wondering if you would be able to carve it for me. I called Niag Falls City Hall to see if it could be done. They will call me back...
08/01/2017Kristina (penfieldartscenter@gmail.com)
I have a huge old box elder that is scheduled to come down on Wednesday. Wondering if you would ever consider a commission project in Rochester NY?
23/11/2016andy marrie
We can help your website to get on first page of Google and increase the number of leads and sales you are getting from your website. Please email us back for full proposal.

Best Regards
Lookin to carve on a tree, plz call me
i was wondering if you cld do a carving from a picture?
28/08/2016Mike Ciavarri

I was wondering if I could get an estimate for your artwork done to a tree we may bring down.


Mike Ciavarri
24/08/2016Jacqui Scalise
Hi we are having an event at Gratwick Fire hall. On October 9th. It's going to be a decent event with 8 different rescue groups and many vendors.
Wondering if you would like to attend?
22/06/2016Paul Mertzlufft
I took down a large poplar, 4' diameter approx straight, 40' to first branch that was cut off, if you have any interest in sectioning it for pieces you are welcome to it. It was dead when I took it down, but the guys who cut it said it was still very wet. 7163928328 leave a message
07/06/2016Kevin sturmer
Hi Art.I am interested in using a sculpure for a live auction at a golf tourney in memory of Kevin Dobson a trooper killed in the line of duty. All proceeds go to WNY Heroes. If interested my number is 7168806625
31/05/2016William Rudnicki
Will need to remove AEB infested Ash tree, left side of home located on 4 Hunting Spring, Chili NY. Much interested to sculpting this into a art form. Would you be interested in a project such as this? Would appreciate hearing back from you.


15/04/2016Marc Nowicki
I have a small piece that I need carved for a interior door.
Do you do on site carvings? I have a 10 foot stump in my front yard I would love to have carved.
02/03/2016Susan Bailey
I was wondering whether you would want to be a vendor at the Churchville Country Fair. My in-laws are from your area and recommended me to you. The fair is August 13-14th and all the proceeds go back to the community. We have an eclectic group of vendors, tractor pulls, farm animals, live music, fireworks, etc. Please contact me at nykayaker@gmail.com if you are interested.
Hello Art, I am very interested in your bear carving of the bear bending over climbing down for a fish. Can you give me a idea on what your hours are, if you mail order and priceing? Thank you, Ron. Rconn79@msn.com
Hi Art, Was wondering what are your studios hours that you are open.email is sju6262@yahoo.com very interested in purchasing one of your chainsaw carvings.
04/04/2013Dr Chris Barlow
Dear Art Hilger,

I hope you are well and in good health.

I am an art historian who owns Parallax Art Fair, an art fair for artists.
I would like to invite you to apply to the third edition of the NYC fair,
which will be held during the same weekend as Frieze and which will
also form the basis of my first published paper on the PAF project after
two years research.

The New York fair will take place at the Prince George from 10-12 May.
The idea behind the event is to provide an affordable platform for artists
to exhibit their work in an event underpinned by new theoretical thinking
from art history. There is no application fee; the only charge is the hire
fee, determined by how many panels or plinths the artist chooses. All
exhibitors have to submit hanging plans. We also have a free
storage/hanging service for artists that ship work.

You can find the application form and further information here
(as well as a link to the UK site and info about our Miami show):

For photographs of previous events, articles and updates, artist reviews,
please do join our facebook page:

look forward to seeing examples of your work.

Thanks for your time.

Dr Chris Barlow
14/06/2012Ann Brockway
Hi, I live in Randolph NY 14772, about 20 minutes east of Jamestown. Along with other members of the business community, we are always looking for vendors for our annual Arts and Crafts Festival. If you would be interested in next year's festival, please let me know and I will put you in touch with our festival planner. It is a 1 day event, normally the Saturday before Father's Day; booths are $45 for early registrants, and $55 later on; power is provided. We have lot of food, entertainment and eager attendees in a charming rural / Amish community. Thank you for your consideration! My email is pieisinfinite@gmail.com Sincerely, Ann Phone is 716 358 4753 at our wine and spirits store; I work Monday thru Thursday; otherwise can leave a message with Tracy!
13/06/2012Alan Hastings
The Silo is looking for another bear. I would like to build a foundation out of stone for it in the flower bed. If you have any ideas for it please let me know, or send me a pic.

19/11/2011Randall Tuttle
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30/04/2011Art Jackson
I lost three pine trees this thursday.
If you carve in pine, I have thick, straight sections. Call me if you are interested. 434-8891 office and 433-7272 home.

26/02/2010Diane Tasselmyer
Dear Mr. Hilger, 2-26-10 I am reading a post from a. stanfield and decide to read another from 2009 "deep thought thurs-recession lessions".
I scrolled down and was reading a comment that you put there and it MADE MY DAY!!!
you said "Why waste of a good recession when you’ve been offered the opportunity to live through it?"
Diane Tasselmyer, dianetasselmyer.com
02/09/2009Irene Rykaszewski
Hi Art:
I'm wondering if you'd be interested in being a featured carver at the Lewiston Art Festival next year (Aug 14 & 15). I'm am applying for some grant money to sponsor a weekend long residency. It would come with a $1000 stipend and $250 for materials. If you're interested please let me know asap as I would need to include a nonbinding letter of intent from the artist we plan to use.

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